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Welcome to the Law Office of Robert D. Wermager, PLC - "We focus on family law."

Attorney Robert Wermager has been lead counsel in hundreds of family law matters. Mr. Wermager is the founder of the firm which practices only in the area of family law. Our firm has experience protecting the wealth you have built during your marriage for the benefit of you and your children.

In law school, Mr. Wermager earned highest honors and was a Summa Cum Laude Law School Graduate ranking 8th in a class of 235. Mr. Wermager also holds a B.S. in elementary education, where he achieved the highest honors ranking of Summa Cum Laude as an undergraduate as well.

From the outset the firmís main focus has been on families, and specifically on lessening the impact of legal proceedings on the family. As a former educator of young children, Mr. Wermager is keenly aware of how divorce and custody disputes affect your children and the rest of your family.

The firm works very hard to decrease the stress, turmoil, and upheaval on the family that can be a part of a divorce or other family law dispute. If you or your family are currently in turmoil or facing a legal situation please call us with any questions. Many clients feel better after their initial consultation, because their questions and concerns have been heard and responded to by a qualified attorney and counselor at law.

The firm believes that negotiation and thoughtful mediation are essential in resolving most family law legal disputes. We also know that when the other side will not act reasonably, aggressive representation in court is necessary. We are not intimidated by aggressive tactics of your spouse or the opposing attorney.

Mr. Wermager truly knows how you feel. He has been through the family law process in Maricopa County as a parent. He won custody of his daughter and has raised her since she was very young. She is now 30. He truly understands the stresses, pressures, and fears that you are feeling regarding your family law matter.

His goal will be simply to provide your family with the best legal services available.


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